Engineer Demonstrates Working Time Machine Prototype and Mathmatics to Produce

Introduction: Engineer Demonstrates Working Time Machine Prototype and Mathmatics to Produce

I have provided all technical information, on how these time machines
work, including the math, with full videos of how to build and use for less than $10. These are not clocks or some fake art or joke scam but real, working, send signals, in these time machines. Be sure to watch the full videos and find really unknown unique science facts about real time machines. If you really enjoy breakthrough science and a good sense of math, this is for you..........Knowledge of advanced RF electronics is extremely helpful also.

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Step 1: "Wenner Time Machine Build and Theory" HD Video Part 1 of 2

Everything functions per the math, except it is coax cable that sends a
signal to future and waveguide (or prisms etc.) to past (they delay signals). Not the other way around, as I seemed to indicate, in the videos.

This is why coax is shortened (future) and waveguide lengthened (past) to keep signals in time phase.

Test procedure will still work, but must sync (trigger scan) on Channel One not, Channel two, to observe time delay in waveguide. (This in later part of videos)

t=wavelength / C x (sq. rt. Er) in coax cable with C (light speed) a constant in formula with only Er and wavelength as variables to change (speed up =less time) time.

Neither the speed of light nor does the fixed wavelength change in coax cable or in a waveguide only time, as signal travels through it. This makes them time machines.

If wavelength or the speed of light, really changed (in coax, waveguides, prisms etc.), power would be given off or required, to accomplish this. No power level changes, have ever been measured by anyone, in over 100 years, hence wavelength or speed of light does not change, but it is time that really changes in coax, waveguides etc. making them signal time machines. L Wenner 2016


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