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Introduction: Engineering Drawing Robot

In this project we propose an educational robotic drawing system for learning purpose. Our system uses robot to draw projection of lines and all engineering geometry such as cube ,triangle ,square, polygon autonomously .The bot is completely autonomous once it is programmed through software interface

This robot currently operate in three modes which can be selected through our GUI.

1. Basic geometry (Ex.- square , triangle , cube ,etc )

2.Text mode : for writing text

3. Engineering Projection : This includes projection of lines , projection of solid , orthogonal view , isometric projection. This is the main aim of our project currently under development to make Engineering Drawing easy to learn . The robot will demonstrate projection by step-wise execution .

User has to enter the parameters in GUI (graphical user interface) then robot will demonstrate geometry or projection .

Step 1: List of Materials

1. DC motor with Wheels

2. Roller Scale

3. Atmega 16 controller board

4. Arduino Ethernet shiled

5.Metal chasis

6.Geard DC motor with belt arrengement: You can find this in printers ,Scanners ,DVDs

7. 9g servo motor

8. tire metal spokes or metal rod from scanner

9. DVD lens holder

Step 2: Preparing Base

1.Connect dc motor with chases

2. Remove roller of the roller scale

3.Add small hole at middle of the roller scale

4.Tighten roller scale to the chases with screw

5.Attach the front wheel at the end of roller scale by using ceramic plate

6.Attach another front wheel at another end using same arrengement

Step 3:

1.Take some plastic sketch-pen cut it at middle and stick it to the roller scale by glue gun

2.Now make two holes for rod fixing

3.Do same at another end.

4.Fixed rod through these holes : pass the first rod through hole of both the sketch-pen base so it would fixed

do same for another rod be alert that of the distance between two rods must be same so that DVD lens would be smoothly moves through it.

Step 4: Gear and Belt Assembly

This step is for gear and belt movement. You can directly buy gear and belt assembly or try following steps:

1.Take geard dc motor form DVD or you can buy

2. Attach suitable geard pulley to the dc motor and fixed the motor at one of the end of the roller scale.

3. Put another geard pulley at another end to suspend belt tightly so that belt can be move with motor rotation.

Step 5: Movement Arrengement

In this step we build x(horizontal) movement and z movement of pen.

for x movement we take the lens attachment part of DVD player. Firstly remove the unwanted part such as lens and circuit so Pen can be easily move through this hole , attach this DVD lens part in rods so it can move smoothly on rods.

Z-movement: we have to move Pen up and down for drawing purpose hence this arrangement is necessary

1.Attach 9g servo motor to the DVD lens part by using ceramic plate.

2.Now attach the fixing cap to the shaft of servo motor that is made from sketch Pen part for fixing of the pen ,

finally attach belt and DVD lens part so part will move when belt moves.

Step 6: Programming

I am using Atmega16 Controller board on which motor driver are already fitted you can use Arduino UNO By externally attaching motor drivers

once the controller is programmed it can draw any text ,geometry autonomously.

e.g. -If I have to program the robot for drawing square the the operation is shown in attached word file and its c file is also attached

Step 7: Graphical User Interface

you can develop GUI by using java or easily by using html I find Html very easy but you need extra hardware i.e. Arduino and Ethernet shield for development of the GUI using html .Once you developed html GUI you can control all things or take input.

Html file and Arduino file for Ethernet shield GUI development is attached just save text document as .html file make changes that you want and upload the .ino file in Arduino.

Step 8: Final Result

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    4 years ago

    Good starting point!

    If you replace the two drive motors by steppers and move them further apart also changing the free wheels to a single caster-wheel type you should be able to get better drawing accuracy and also draw curves.


    4 years ago

    That is quite genius, but the typos in it are kind of terrible. I know, I just can't help, but notice all of them.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Awesome robot. I wish I had one of these when I was in school.