English Toffee Cappuccino Pie! (For Pi Day!)




Introduction: English Toffee Cappuccino Pie! (For Pi Day!)

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So Pie day is coming up! Let's make an awesome yummy pie!

My lover and I decided to make, English Toffee Cappuccino Pie! 
This Pie recipe will take about 1 hour and half to 2 hours.

Without any further do, let's bake!

Step 1: Materials/ingredients!

You will need the following:

1 box of Pillsburry Pie crusts
1 package (8 oz) of cream cheese
1/4 cup of powdered sugar
3 Tablespoons of English Toffee Cappuccino Instant Hot Drink Mix
1/4 Cup of Chocolate-flavored syrup
1 container (8 oz) of frozen whipped topping (Cool Whip)
1/2 Cup of Toffee bits
1 Container of Whipped cream
1 pack of cookie dough

You will also need:
Glass Pie Dish (I used a different dish)
Hand mixer
Mixing container
Parchment paper
Cookie tray
Measuring cup

Step 2: Lay Out the Shell!

Begin by unrolling your pillsburry pie curst and carefully place it on your glass pie plate.

Depending on the pie crust you purchase, it will either require you to butter the glass container or not butter it prior to applying the dough.
The dough I bought did not require any pre-buttering, so that was great! ^-^

Since we were using a square glass plate, we had to take some leftover crust dough and cover/reinforce some parts.

Once that is done, pop it the oven and bake it.
Baking times will fluctuate with different kinds of dough, so make sure to read those pesky instructions!
We baked out crust at 450*F over a 13 minute period.

Step 3: Making the Batter! Fluffy!

Meanwhile your crust is baking in the oven, let's start working on the batter!

Add your 8 oz of cream cheese to the mixing container.
Add 1/4 cup of powdered sugar.
3 Table spoons of the English Toffee Cappuccino instant mix 
And add your 2 table spoons of chocolate flavored syrup.

Step 4: Mix the Pre Batter!

With all of these ingredients in the bowl, prep your hand mixer and mix the ingredient at medium speed until the mix is smooth.

Once the pre-batter is smooth, open the Cool whip container.
Fold in your 8 oz of Cool Whip along with 6 tablespoons of Toffee bits.

Once you have these two final ingredients in, mix it all together again at medium speed.
Make sure to mix everything throughly and mix it for about 4-5 minutes so your final batter will have a good "fluff" to it   : D

Step 5: Baking the Cookie Details!

Having the batter done, we now move onto baking the cookie details.

But first! Our pie crust was now ready! Yay!
Once your crust is done, take it out of the oven and let it throughly cool in your fridge.
I'd say leave it in the fridge for 40-60 minutes.

Now, let's make some cookies, shall we?
Since we bought pre made cookie dough, it wasn't much hard to make em' 

Take your cookie tray and cut out a piece of parchment paper, lay it out on the tray.
Take the dough, make little balls and place them separately on the tray, remember, these will expand! So leave a little elbow room! Haha!

Now assemble your cookie dough army and place them in the oven.
We baked ours at 350*F over a course of 11 minutes for a crunchy yet moist interior.

Step 6: Making the Pi Emblem!

Since we will be celebrating Pi day tomorrow at our college campus, we figured we should make a Pi symbol!

We had some left over cookie dough so we shaped it to look like the Pi emblem.
I forgot to take a picture of this process but, once your cookies are done, place them in a plate and pop in the fridge to let them cool down.

Once your Pi emblem is shaped, place it the oven.
We also baked this one at 350*F over a course of 9 minutes.

The final baked result was slightly trimmed with a knife to define the Pi emblem shape.

Step 7: Filling the Shell! ^-^

Once your shell is completely cool, take it out of the fridge and prep to pour in your batter.

With a spoon (we used a wood spoon), begin pouring in your batter into the cooled pie crust.
Once it's completely poured in, sprinkle on Toffee bits (as many as you desire).

We decided to cover most of surface because let's be honet, Toffee bits are DE-LI-CIOUZZ!! ^-^

Step 8: Detailing the Pi Formula!

Once you're done sprinkling on the Toffee bits, place your cookie Pi symbol in the middle of the pie.

Now take your container of whipped cream and spread the cream around the border of the pie.
Once you're done, place the cookies around the outer shell.

Take your Chocolate flavored syrup and drizzle the pie with that delicious drizzly chocolately syrup goodness!

The Pi formula has not failed us!
Place the pie in the fridge and let it fully cool over the course of an hour.

Step 9: Happy 3.14159265 Day! (Happy Pi Day!)

If you followed these instructions, then after that long hour of waiting to devour your Pi pie will pay off!
You will have a delicious English Toffee Cappuccino Pie to share with your friends and celebrate Pi day.

Now, we couldn't resist but try the finished product, so we sneaked a small slice away, drizzled it with more syrup and ate it..
It was delicious! The effort really payed off.

I suggest you really try out this recipe! It will serve you good!
Don't forget to vote for the Pi Day Pie Challenge! :D

Happy Pi day to ya'll! ^-^

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh this looks supremely decadent. Thank you for sharing, and good luck on the contest!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks again! It is my pleasure to share this with this community and I hope to start doing more instructables in order to fully contribute to the pool of goodies!

    Thanks for the luck! I will need it ^-^


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, yum! And I think it's funny that your Pi Day Pie is square! ;-)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Very tasty! That's very clever! I did not think of that : D
    I guess it is 3.14 day for for me, it was 9.859 day for me!

    Thanks for the compliment!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! It was actually really good!
    This is the first pie I have ever made and my friends were amazed as to how good it was ^-^

    I did realize that I used a little over 1/4 cup of powdered sugar, so it was a bit more on sweet side, I just have to watch my measurement next time until I get the hang of it! Haha!