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This is one of my latest books. It is made of MDF, is engraved with a dremel, and stained with acrylic paint and linseed oil. The design is based on Celtic knotworki The book holds 150 sheets of paper (300 botrh sides). The inside is lined with felt paper. There are screws that hold the paper in place and can be removed to add or remove pages. Al the metal is solid brass.
The design was done using the software AutoCAD, then printed out and glued to MDF board for cutting and engraving

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    1 year ago

    I love these books you have done but do you have any instructions on how to make these?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I used binding screws....sometimes also called inter-screws. I used a hole punch to put holes in the paper, and then used the screws to hold the sheets in place. You need to work out exactly where to drill the holes in the book so they line up with the paper.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is absolutely beautiful. Are these for sale because id like to buy one. Contact me at damuas1@aol.com D Moore thank you!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    What exactly is MDF? What terms do u offer for your layaway and multiple purchases? Where are they made?

    Thank you
    D Moore


    Hi. MDF is a wood product made from wood pulp. The MDF stands for medium density fibreboard. Layaway can be configured to suit your budget but generally $40 per month is best so time doesn't lag on too long. I make these books in Australia and if you want to buy multiple items, I can work out a deal for you, just let me know which items you would like.
    Also, you can view other items at my website www.espie-whitburn-design.com and go to the gallery page. Thanks


    Hi, thanks for the compliment. Yes the books are for sale. You can go to my Etsy store to purchase http://www.etsy.com/shop/BookOfShadowsStore?ref=si_shop

    After seeing your must two most recent books.. I have one question, why MDF instead of wood? Wouldn't solid wood or at least layered/laminated hold up overall better? I would think that the MDF would disintegrate and fall apart quicker/easily, especially if in the presence of moisture/liquids/oils etc...

    On a side note have you ever tried to to pyrography (wood-burning) instead of carving or a combination of both?

    Also I am curious what you use to finish the book, lacquer/varnish/ or an oil like Linseed or Tung Oil (Both sometimes called Danish Oil)?

    Anyways as always I am impressed! (and a bit envious too!)
    Best Wishes, Happy Making, and Good Blessings!
    ~ Electfire aka Brefelan Silverpaw

    1 reply

    Hi, I prefer MDF as it doesn't have the same issues with wood in terms of grain and knots. That was mainly an issue with carving and MDF is great because it doesn't have those issues. Also it is cheaper and the way I stain the MDF I get a better effect than on wood. I use acrylic paint and linseed oil for the finish. As I am now getting into engraving, I have been thinking of moving back to wood as my dremel should make it easy to work.