Engraved Woodcoaster

In this instructable we´re going through they way of creating an unique engravement on a IKEA woodcoaster. The story how I´ve come up with this:

Me and my wife have a set of woodcoasters from IKEA and I liked the idea of having personal coasters for each. She already had one but I forgot to oi coat the coasters so it broke into two pieces lately. So it was at the time to make a new one. I asked her wich symbol she wants this time, she choose the symbol for the deadly hollows from HP.

Step 1: Paint It

At first you have to choose your pattern, symbol or word you want engraved. For me it was the firstname of my wife "pisana" and the symbol she has chosen. I picked in Paint.net her favorite fonttype "CountryBlueprint" and made it bold. Then I´ve searched on Google for a suitable picture of the symbol. I wanted a picture with very good contrast, low noise, no twirly stuff etc. Black & white is the best for Laserengraving and following steps.

So I´ve set Paint.net to 100Pixel/cm so I have a resolution of 0.1mm/Pixel. That´s fine enough to be seen as smooth with the human eye and it´s no problem for the Laserengraver with 16x Microstepping.

Place the symbol as you like and make sure to remove the background. Everything you want to engrave should be black and without background or noise.



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