Engraved and Hand Painted Book of Shadows

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Hi all,
It has been a while since I have posted anything but I have just finished making a book for a customer based on images they gave me. The book is made of a wood product called MDF, engraved with a dremel, hand painted with gold leaf and all the screws and hinges are made of solid brass. The inside of the cover is lined with velvet. Took quite a while to make and not sure i would make another so complex. The photos don't do it justice as the gold leaf glistens in the light.

The design was drawn using AutoCAD. As AutoCAD is a vector program, i can rescale the images to suit the size I need without losing definition in the printed output. Once the design was ready, I printed it out and glued the design down onto the MDF for engraving.



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    One more thing... where do you get your papers and velvets?
    (Or is that a trade secret?)
    On a side note..... is Australia still having those really bad droughts? Admittedly I haven't been following world news (any news really) as closely as I used to... Here in the US the news is.... hmm what is the best way to put it.... sensationalized? Graphic? ....Something along those lines....
    Well... That was only supposed to be one question and it became a almost rant...
    How usual of me!

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    Theres still a drought in the western states, but NSW and Victoria are fine, it's been raining non-stop lately.

    Well that velvet I get from a fabric store we have here called Spotlight or sometimes Lincraft. The paper comes from various souces depending on type and budget. In terms of the drought, to be honest, I'm not sure if we are still classified as having a drought. Even when it rains we can still be in a drought as the rainfall is below average. Where I live the water catchment is at 80% last time I checked so I don't think we need to worry for a while.

    I must say! I think you have out-done yourself!
    (I am really envious.... I better get started, If I am ever going to rival you!)
    Anyways, lovely work as always, beautiful carvings, very inspiring.... It's a pity my current Book of Shadows is a beautiful leather one... Sometime I need to actually start writing it in,but I am almost scared to use it, as it's so nice....

    I actually have some pictures of it.... I bought it about a year ago at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.... I think the seller's name was Hope Shakya (I found a little slip of paper with a bit of info.. there's an email address, but no website)... I originally was looking for one with a wolf on it, as wolves are my spirit animal,but sadly I just missed it... Though I really like the entwined dragons on the one I got...

    I've also included a picture of all the bits of paper that currently is my BoS....
    Anyways, I love your work,
    and as always,
    Happy Making, and Good Blessings!
    ~Brefelan Silverpaw (aka Electfire... amongst many other names.)

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    Thanks elect fire, glad you like the book. I really like the photos of your book too. I will have to get into leather making one day as leather has a unique characteristic that is so warm and it ages well.

    thanks Winged Fist, I;m glad you like it, I was quite happy with the way this turned out, I think it is my best book to date.