Engraved Stainless Steel Mother's Day Gift



Introduction: Engraved Stainless Steel Mother's Day Gift

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Dremel asked me to try out the new Dremel Fortiflex and do a project for Mother's Day to show how easy it is to use this tool - due to be launched soon. I decided to engrave a stainless steel tray - one that you can buy at any discount store.

To engrave the tray I used the new Dremel Fortiflex system and was very impressed with the way that this tool allows you to operate the power control via a foot pedal , leaving your hands free to move, turn and work your design.

Although I used the Dremel Fortiflex for this project, you could use any Dremel MultiTool to engrave on stainless steel, as long as you use a silicon carbide grinding accessory (included when you buy most tools).


Stainless steel tray

Dremel Fortiflex or MultiTool and grinding accessory

Stencil and masking tape

China marker

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Step 1:

1. Insert the silicon grinding accessory into the end of the Dremel Fortiflex. It's always important to read the instructions beforehand, so that you know how to assemble and use any tool properly.

2. Use the china marker to draw the starting point for your design onto the tray. You can only draw a small section at a time as the marker wipes off easily.

3. Now you can apply pressure on the foot pedal and start engraving on the tray, working slowly over the drawn outline. Continue to draw and engrave until you complete the design around the entire tray.

4. For the wording I used my PC and printer to print out a design that would fit nicely in the centre of the tray. The wording was cut out with a sharp craft knife on my Olfa cutting mat. The wording was taped down using masking tape.

5. Use the grinding accessory to outline the letters - you can fill in later on. You will find that the paper template helps to prevent mistakes and you can turn the tray around as you work to make drawing lines easier.

6. After you have outlined all the letters, remove the tape and fill in the centre of the outlined letters.

Use a soft cloth to polish the tray to a high shine and you're done!

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