Engraving Lineart Transfer to Metal

Introduction: Engraving Lineart Transfer to Metal

First and foremost, I made it at Techshop!  http://www.techshop.ws

Most of us aren't able to pick up a sharpie and draw an image right on to a piece of metal, and have it nice enough to start engraving, so I will go through the process of transferring an image in a really simple method.

If you aren't familiar with Saral paper, this is your opportunity.  It's almost like drawing on a piece of paper with crayon, then being able to transfer the image.  It's a waxy powdery coating.  I took a picture of the paper itself, showing the bright side (the side to face the metal) and the dull side (this side you draw on).  

I made this instructable because while the Saral paper is easy enough to figure out once you have it, it wasn't the easiest stuff to conceptualize since I didn't find anything describing it online.

First off, a list of supplies:

An image to transfer, preferably lineart
A pencil
Sarel Paper (see picture)
Matte Black Spray Paint 
Something to transfer your image to

That's it.  In the next step, we'll go over preparations.

Step 1: Prepare Lineart and Metal

Now is when you go to google images and borrow an image to engrave.  After you've got it, you print it on any old piece of scrap paper.  I cut the image to a small size so it's easy to handle.

You also need to prepare the metal.  While you can put transfer an image directly to the metal, I find it easier if it's already coated.  I like to spray paint mine with a matte black spray paint, or at least coat it with a dark permanent marker (what I used).  This makes the yellow lines from the transfer paper stand up a little better.

Finally, you should cut a piece of transfer paper the same size as the image you plan to transfer.  I actually make this a little larger than the image to be transferred.  It helps to tape it to the metal if you don't have steady enough hands.  Tape the image to it as well.  Remember, the bright side of the Saral paper goes towards the image, the dull side goes towards your paper image.

Step 2: Trace the Image

Now is the hard part...we are talking kindegarten level of skill here, so if you didn't make it, it might be in mankinds interest if you just just stop now.  

You are going to take that pencil, and draw in a thick line over top of the lines on your lineart image.  (this was so hard that I forgot to take a picture of it)

Now you are done!  Well, after you peel off all the tape you had holding the image on.  

Step 3: Finished Product!


My coming instructables will show you how to make your own die sinking chisel for hammer engraving, as well as a scrap bin horizontal lap for sharpening your gravers!

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