Engraving a Beer Mug With Blasting Sand Gun

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I made my own customized beer mug using a compressor and a homemade blasting sand gun.

First, I made the blasting sand gun and then I engrave the beer mug with a logo. I use a plastic bottle for the gun.

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Step 1: Print Your Favorite Template

Print your favorite template. Think in the scale needed for your mug

Step 2: Put Duct Tape on the Mug

Put duct tape on the mug. Cover all the surface that could be hit by the sand and make sure there are no creases on the surface.

Step 3: Affix With Tape Your Template on the Mug

Affix with tape your template on the mug

Step 4: Cut the Shape of the Template With a Cutter

Cut the shape of the template with a cutter

Step 5: Remove the Template From the Mug

When you had cut all the shape lines, remove the template from the mug

Step 6: Remove Shape's Duck Tape

Remove the inner shape duck tap from the mug. Only shape glass should be exposed

Step 7: Engrave the Mug

Clamp the mug, use a compressor and a blasting sand gun to engrave the mug

Step 8: Remove All the Duck Tape

Remove all the duck tape

Step 9: Enjoy Your Beer Mug!

Enjoy your beer mug!



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