Enhanced Scuba Gloves





Introduction: Enhanced Scuba Gloves

In this project, we will be making a pair of Enhanced Scuba Gloves. They will include webbing between the fingers, an underwater flashlight, and a grappling hook. These gloves are super easy to make and everything is removable. We will be running a full test on speed, sight, and strength of the grappling hook. To watch it, click this link: (Coming Soon!)

Step 1: Materials List

You will need:

-Webbed Rubber Glove (x2)

-Underwater Flashlight

-Battery (Whichever Kind Powers Your Flashlight)

-Velcro Straps (Underwater Capable)

-Rope (Strong and Thin Recommended)

-Grappling Hook (Small Enough to Fit in Your Hand)

Tools Needed:

-Scissors (To Cut Velcro Strips)

-Exacto Knife

Step 2: The Flashlight

To start off our gloves, lets begin by taking 2 strips of velcro, and attach one to your glove (Whichever one is easier) and the other to the bottom of your flashlight. You want to make sure that the "on" switch is able to be accessed with ease. The reason we are using velcro here is because you want to be able to remove your flashlight when needed.

Step 3: The Grappling Hook

With your grappling hook, you will want to attach the velcro (velcro 1) to only one side of the string, and attach the opposite kind of velcro (velcro 2) to the bottom of the velcro on the string, thus making a latch. On the glove (the one that doesn't have the velcro for the flashlight) attach some velcro (velcro 2) to hold it in place. Once you put that down, use your exacto knife to poke a hole in the middle of the velcro (velcro 2 on glove) so you can put the side of the string without the grappling hook through to make sure you don't lose it.

Step 4: You Are All Done!

After these simple and easy-to-follow steps, your Enhanced Scuba Gloves are totally functional and ready to use! With these gloves, you should be able to swim faster, see better underwater, and be able to latch onto objects as a holding point! We hope that you enjoyed this project, and do not forget to share this inscrutable, favorite it, and definitely tell us if you ended up making it! We had a great time making it and we hope you try it out yourself



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