Enjoy Better Sound

Introduction: Enjoy Better Sound

This instructable shows how to get a better sound using your existing speakers.

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Step 1: Stuff Required

following are the requirements for this instructable

1. An audio source with 3.5 mm audio jack. (it can be a PC, Cell Phone, Mp3 Player etc.)

2. A set of Speakers

3. A set of Headphones/Earbuds with Volume Adjuster (volume adjuster is must for this process to work)

4. 3.5 mm audio splitter Cable/Jack. (Available at your local Radioshack, Audio equipment stores, Computer accessories shop, etc)  

Step 2: Setting Up

Plug in the Splitter into audio source

plug Speakers and Headphones/Ear-buds into the Splitter

Adjust the speakers to your desired volume.

Now put on Headphones/Ear-buds, start adjusting the volume of Headphones/Ear-buds Until you find your sweet-spot.
Tip: always keep the  Speakers slightly above Headphones/Ear-buds

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