Enlightening Idea - Head Lamp

Introduction: Enlightening Idea - Head Lamp

Want to create a glowing Einstein head lamp that even the least technically educated idiot can do?

In a few easy steps I will show you how you can create this object, using primarily a laser cutter and an 3-D printer.

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Step 1: Needed Tools and Materials


  1. 3-d Printer
  2. Laser cutter


  1. small led lamp ( as you can see, I used a normal lamp in the images, which was a huge mistake. Einsteins head literally started to boil during the exposition so R.I.P. Einstein)
  2. hinge
  3. wood (for laser cutter, I used 0.3 mm thick birch wood which is wrong, instead use 3mm thick wood)
  4. superglue
  5. one fitting for a lamp with a cord set (or destroy an old lamp from Ikea like I did)
  6. A basic file (for removing any unevenness of the exterior)
  7. Nail polish (for smoothing the exterior, there are also many many different and probably better techniques for this, but I simply coated it in layers of nail polish)

Step 2: 3-D Printing for Your Object

I included the 3-D model for Einsteins head (which was made by Thingiverse user Breezor, I simply drilled a hole for the cord in the model using Tinkercad.) and the vector design for the box (which was made by Thingiverse user hudson)

I used a basic file to remove any stuff that stuck out from the head, and used white and clear nail polish to coat it and make it smoother. There are tons of other ways to achieve a smooth, ceramic like look, the others are probably way better than mine, so use whatever technique pleases you.

After the polish has dried, place a hinge to connect the top with the bottom part.

Step 3: Laser Cutting the Box

I included the file for the box, you can edit the size of the box in illustrator if you want it to be bigger or smaller. As you can probably see in the images I uploaded, I screwed up the progress of assembling the box and simply super-glued parts together instead of fitting it like it should have been done. But I am an impatient person and it didn't work, so if you dont want it to turn out like mine look at Hudson's box and use 3 mm thick wood instead of the 0,3 mm thickness that I used.

Step 4: Finishing the Object

After you are done with the printing and cutting, you can place einstein's head on top of the box with superglue.

You can also add special wood varnishes to make the box darker or any colour you like. Einstein can also be decorated however you please, so have fun making this lamp!

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    Very interesting lamp!!


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    Thank you! :-)