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Introduction: Ennard Costume - FNAF Sister Location

For this costume we used:

Glue gun & tons of hot glue sticks!

Old black hoodie

Old black sweatpants

A piece of an old black scarf

Cheap thick ropes, more cheap thin ropes, then more

Other wire-like things you can find (for example old neon sticks)

Newspaper, packaging cardboard

A piece of thick white foam

The lid of a Brie cheese packaging

Bamboo sticks from an old bamboo table mat

Metallic paint


Acrylic white paint

A red balloon!

4 Googly Eyes Foiled Double Crisp Chocolate Eyeballs

Stripes of fabric from an old t-shirt

Red marker, back marker

Guache yellow and green paint

Yellow (but orange is better) yarn

Red cardstock paper

Step 1: Molding the Face

We made the face with a simple paper mache technique. I created a basic structure with wires first making sure that my son's face could fit in it. Then we added several layers of paper. After the third layer or so I we added the cheeks making small balls with the newspaper and adding them below layer four. We added one more layer of paper after that. My son made me realized that I had forgotten the nose! so I added it in the same way I added the cheeks. That added a nice extra layer of paper. Once it was completely dry, we cut out the mouth, the eyes sockets, and the slits on Ennard's face. Then we added a final layer of paper. I ended up cutting out the back of the mask so it was more comfortable to wear.

Step 2: The Details of the Face

Our main tool for this costume was a glue gun, btw. We use a round cork for the nose, attaching it with hot glue. For the teeth I used bamboo sticks from an old bamboo table mat. Again used hot glue to attach them to the back of the mask. The ears were modeled out of a piece of hard foam from some package. We painted the entire face with white acrylic paint, the slits with black and the teeth with metallic paint. Two layers. I covered the interior of the mouth with a piece of packaging soft foam painted with a black marker. With the glue gun, I covered the interior of the mask with a piece of an old black scarf that was very loosely weaved. It provided comfort and a way to fasten the mask to the back of my son's head. It also made the eyes look creepy black, and allowed my son to see through it. We used a red marker to draw the eyebrows. I didn't have red paint for the nose, but I had this small red balloon so I covered the cork with it and it worked perfectly!

Step 3: The "Wires" and the Chest Piece

As you can see in the photos we used what we had at hand and some basic cheap materials. The basic idea to construct all the wires and cables that constitute Ennard's body was to use ropes. I found some cheap thick ropes at the hardware store and covered them with the blue thin ropes you see on the pictures (the material was like raffia, I bought these ropes at a 99 cent store). At the end I ran out of all the thick rope so I created more with this weird net-like packaging material made out of cardboard (see it in step 2, behind the finished mask) by twisting it and covering it with the blue thin ropes. I think stripes of newspaper could also do the trick (but my advise is buy more of that thick rope!). For the chest center piece I used the cardboard lid of a brie cheese packaging. I cut out a circle to make it look like a ring and attached the "rope wires" to it, molding the chest piece.

Step 4: Molding the Body With the "Rope Wires" and Painting

And then to mold Ennard's body! I used tons of hot glue to attach the chest piece and the "rope wires" to an old black hoodie and black sweat pants. You can tell by the photos that I started with the torso first and invested much more time and materials in it. I used a more practical and economical approach for the legs: I used the materials I had left without worrying too much to see the original FNAF model. I added real wire to the "rope wires" that I wanted to stick out of Ennard's body (left and right shoulders, for example), so I could mold them into shape.

Step 5: Painting Out and Adding Details

I was lucky to have a big can of metallic acrylic paint at home so I used that to cover the entire wiring of Ennard's Body. I added some of it to the black hoodie and the pants too, actually, just to give the costume more texture, but I don't think that made a huge difference. For the 4 creepy eyes that pop out of Ennard's limbs I used the wraps of Googly Eyes TM :P chocolate candies. I made balls out of paper and stripes from an old t-shirt, then glued the wraps on top, then added more fabric, them painted with metallic paint, then pasted the eyes onto Ennard's body. The red button was made out of red card stock paper. Voila!

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