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About: I am artist. Ceramics, Paintings.. drawings.. I live in Finland, around polar circle and do my art where and when ever I can. Clay is my favourite material, but sadly it also takes most of room and demands...

I love Dragons.. and Ents are awesome idea too. I've done separately lot's of both but this time I thought to fit these two awesome creatures in one piece of art.

I use what ever pencil I happen to find, usually means something from the B side because I like it soft. I use my wife's crochet thingies... NOO I don't steal 'em she made em for me specially because she's awesome and her crochet's work fine to smudge .. pencil... ahmm.. words are abandoning me.

so anyhow... Here it is. my A2 paper drawing and video of how I draw it.


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    Art Jani Kuhabence.zahalka

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you. I'm trying.. and I'm trying to make better.. these..thingies here. sadly with most stuff I don't have left photos only the video.