Entelechy- K'nex Ball Machine





Introduction: Entelechy- K'nex Ball Machine

About: I have a YouTube channel where I do LEGO and K'Nex stuff but my instructables account is going to be pretty much just K'Nex. But still check out my YouTube channel! And I will keep posting new stuff so chec...

Welcome to Entelechy! 2 networks, 3 lifts, 7 paths, easily over 5000 pieces. Created partially as a celebration for 50 subscribers to my YouTube channel, which you should all know about. The video is great, I composed the music, this time not with noteflight.com but with a free download called musescore. Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgerDQ9qp-E

enˈteləkē/ noun PHILOSOPHY

The realization of potential.



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    This is so cool! I love checking out all the different ball machines that people have made!

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    Amazing ball machine! Some of your ideas in this one are great :D congrats on 50subs

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    You can just reply to this comment 3 times if you want the title and a spot in my description