Enter a TitleVertical / Horizontal Smartphone Stand



Smartphones are extremely versatile and with their 4+” screens they make watching a movie or reading a book very easy but holding them for a period of time can be tiring.

Commercially available stands run $25 to $30 and aren’t angle adjustable.

This one is made from 1 refrigerator magnet clip, 1 bag clip, 4 small screws and 1 of piece rubber.

No real dimensions – will depend on clips used.

1. Separate clip to be used as holder arm extensions. File, sand down any protrusions that may interfere with mounting flat
2. Screw arm extensions to primary holder tension clip – note difference in arm lengths. This is what allows it to hold in vertical and horizontal positions with minimal viewing interference.
3. Superglue small piece of rubber to front of long arm to act as front stop. This is very critical to hold phone in position.
4. I cut off rear of primary clip to provide better stability.



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