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Here is a summary of the bookshelf entertainment center that I built a while back.  I've been wanting to put an Instructable here for a long time so here is my first go at this.  Our home was limited in its bookshelf space, we wanted a place to put a tv in our bedroom and my wife always needs more space to put her clothes.  This was my second entertainment center but definitely the biggest project I have ever done in terms of size and scope.  Since I have a job it took a while and putting down a step by step commentary would take me longer than I have available so I'll just throw it up there and hopefully someone gets something out of it.

The project is basically 6 boxes; three on the bottom connected together and three larger boxes on the top.  The plywood is birch along with the face-plating which I will probably not use again.  I have seen talented people bring out the grain patterns in birch but I found it challenging.  So much so that I had a professional finish the job with two coats of Zar dark mahogany stain and a polyurethane finish.

No nails were used on the project and all of the screws used were pocketed so that they did not penetrate the front of the project.  There are alot of pocket holes used in this project probably unnecessarily but I kind of fell in love with my pocket jig.  The upper bookshelves are all floating on shelf pins which were drilled with a shelf pin jig.

There is a lot more detail I could include but I'll leave it for interested individuals to request information as needed.  

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, very functional, well done.
    Just for interests sake though, Birch plywood would have been out of the question price wise here, how much did it set you back?


    6 years ago

    Great craftsman ship. Love your dovetail joints. How much $$ did you spend in wood. Sure it was quite a bit.