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Introduction: Entertainment to Kitchen/Diner

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Step one. Spend way to many hours on Craigslist looking for just the right one

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Step 1: The Tear Down and Primer

Was looking for a fun project for me and the little ones. Seen a few on here and decided to go for it. Spent some time looking and found the one i wanted. my goal was to keep cost down to a min. The piece was free and I have a a basement full of left overs. Used an old can of ceiling primer and went to town. And the wee ones wanted to paint so as any good Dad would I gave them both a brush. They painted there butts off for aleast 5 to 6 mins then it was all Dad

Step 2: Ready for Color

2 coats of some paint I had on hand and was ready to install the sink. I bought a mixing bowl from the Odd Lot store we have and cut the right size hole.....still flying solo. I think they are roller skating while dad works

Step 3: Install Time

I splurged and bought some stone finish spray paint for the counter top. Really made a great finish. The faucet was of an old slop sink.

Step 4: Take Out Window

This was an add on suggested by my older to girls. Which was a great idea. I just cut down the punch out for the old TV and added a old shelf I had on hand also. I did buy 2 shelf bracket to help

Step 5: Finishing Touches

As you can see just tried to make it as realistic as I could. The pizza board with chalk paint for daily specials was a good add. And Santa brought a bunch of play food and dishes. They loved it and I loved making it. 1 st thing I ever put on here. I have been doing thing for my 4 daughters for 17 years. Thanks to all the great ideas I see here on a daily basis. This I hope wont be my last project here.

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    Oh wow that's so clever, and I bet your daughter's love it so much! I especially love the little sink! Welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanl you!!!!