Entirely Wooden Scooter

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Intro: Entirely Wooden Scooter

This scooter is wooden.

Step 1: Wheels.

The wheels are the hardest part of the build, so I did them first. They must be perfectly round, or else you will be in for a bumpy ride. I cut them from 7-ply. I used a compass to draw the circles, and used the point of the compass to make a clear indication of where I should drill the holes.

Step 2: Base

I used a piece of 4"x1" 52cm long for my base. I cut a slot in one end, 3cm wide and 7cm long, for the wheel. I drilled a hole though the side of the base and used a 5" bolt to secure the wheel.

Step 3: Stem

I used a piece of 4"x1" 75cm long for this one. I cut a slit in one end, same as the base, and a 5cm square hole in it.

Step 4: Steering

I put two pieces of wood, each with a hole in the middle as my steering. Then i drilled a hole vertically in a piece of 2x2" and put it together with a bolt. I then secured it to the base.

Step 5: Done!

Overall, this took me about three hours to build and then an extra hour to fine tune it. It is very cheap, and a fun alternative to normal aluminium scooters.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great re built of a real classic old school scooter - great job