Entry Light for Nightstand Drawer / Cabinet



About: 25 yrs in the car audio/alarm industry , just plain like messing with Hacking / Altering Stuff

Made a Night Stand Drawer to Accommodate My Firearm , although i can feel my way into it , i don't keep the clip locked in and i have a few clips all full and one with snap-caps ,  I Needed a Light  , i didn't want to put a switch  and not one of those tap lights  , so headed for the Garage  check my inventory !   l.e.d.- Check  , Battery Holder & Battery - Check ,   Limit switches - Check  . ok  lets get to work !!     since it is powered by the 12v battery  and he l.e.d. is 3v , its going to last a Long time  , and i needed to make it compact   so did all the necessary adaptations to keep it simple and compact    This application can be  added to many things  such as cupboards closets that don't have lighting  or even utilizing the power in a closet that has lighting and use a higher rated switch .   well  Have Fun !


Step 1: Chosen One

L.E.D Stash. ample Supply of Super bright l.e.d.s

Step 2: Switch One Do I Choose

some of the ones i didn't use  i had to take out of an old   VCR just after i took first pic  and quickly soldered

Step 3: Battery

got these from  try me at Pepboy displays for leds  customer bought a bunch  and he didnt need them ! :)

Step 4:

soldering the switch and wires and LED  to battery

Step 5: Drilling

drilled  the other side for the neg wire to run up  parallel  to the other   , you can see the 525 ohm resistor i solder on the inside of battery compartment just for cleanliness

Step 6: All Soldered Together


Step 7: All Done

 slapped on some doublesided tape and placed on some Scrap ABS

Step 8: Oops

after attaching in the box i needed to make the throw longer  just in case it doesnt hit the mark  , no

Step 9: All Done !

all done  , Picture doesn't really show the brightness , it's actually pretty bright  , simple diagram     and  Description of LED components  



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