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Intro: Envelope - New From Old

This 'ible will show you how to make a brand new envelope without any traces of the previous address or stamp/s. The whole project takes about 5 mins to make!

Step 1: You Will Need

- a pair of scissors

- a used large format envelope

- a ruler (or a guillotine)

- an envelope to fit your paper (or the piece of paper that you wish to send that has already been folded to size)

Step 2: Getting the Size Right

- Start by making sure you have the stamps face down.

- Then align the envelope or piece of paper (if using the paper, leave a gap at the bottom) with the edge of the sealed end of the used envelope.

- Then mark the top of the flap and the bottom of the flap.

Step 3: Tearing

- Start by lining your rule up withe the marks for the top part of the flap.

- Then tear away, make sure to tear up as well as to the side, like shown in the pictures.

Step 4: The Flap - I

- Take the corner of the end we just tore, and cut it at an angle.

- Repeat for the other corner of the open end.

Step 5: The Flap - II

- Line your ruler up with the second set of marks and tear only one side of the open end.

Step 6: The Flap - III

- Fold over the flap.

- Run your nail over the fold for a clean edge.

Step 7: Sealing

- Glue on the flap (might get glue on the table, but is the most accurate).


- Glue directly of the body of the envelope (less messy, but less accurate).


- Use sticky tape along the edge (no mess, not such a good hold).

Step 8: Your Done!

You can make two out of one big used envelope, however you would have to cover the old address (scribble over, sticker over, etc...).

Thanks for checking this out!

(By the way, you can make cool little seals of approval out of the off-cuts too :D)



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    3 years ago

    A ++ useful instructable!