Envelopes From Waste Paper

Introduction: Envelopes From Waste Paper

This is a tutorial about making envelopes from
waste paper. All you need is waste paper and
some stationery. It is fun and easy to do and
takes less than 5 minutes to make..

Step 1: Collect the Stuff

All you need is:-
- waste paper
- pair of scissors
- glue

Step 2: Start Making Your Envelope

Fold the paper from both the sides so that one overlaps the other and glue it.

Step 3: Next

Cut 2cm from the bottom of front side
Now trim the corners

Step 4: Then

Fold the flap and glue it to seal the envelope from the bottom
Now cut 5cm from the top of the front side and trim the corners

Step 5: Now

Cut a triangle as shown in the picture
Your envelope is ready to be reused

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