Sustainable Building Model



Introduction: Sustainable Building Model

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Instructables Project l FABLAB Jubail Female Section

For this project we will need :

- Laser Cutter

- Servo

- Acrylic Material

- Cardboard

Step 1: Project Description

- The project is an idea of changing the facades of residential apartments system, to allow the entry of the sun, considering the climate of Jubail industrial area, where mashrabiya slots narrowing all the sun stepped up to ease the heat.

- Mashrabiyya element was used in the past and is one of the means of sustainability, because of its many values including ventilation place properly, to maintain the privacy of the population, allowing sunlight to enter appropriately.

Step 2:

- The idea of the project is based on the principles of sustainability in the Saudi heritage, to respect the privacy of residential buildings were represented in two essential concepts "Illuminator Courtyard" and its usefulness in the interring natural sunlight on the entire house and ventilation, as a result reducing the use of artificial lighting electricity consumption.

- Iron sheets made of GRC exist and tracks the sun's rays cells so that if there is strong rays, the hand panels start to move and turns them to enter simple light, and the other enters daylight without a strong sunlight.

Step 3:

- The servo was attached to turn 45 degrees, depending on the project size the servo can manage to turn all the way.

- These two projects are considered sustainable solutions for residential buildings to preserve the environment

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