Environmental Friendly Soldering Iron Stand

Introduction: Environmental Friendly Soldering Iron Stand

We're all gonna live in an environmental friendly world, aren't we? When I bought my soldering iron, it didn't come with a stand. I thought I needed one or even make a simple one, but hey, guess what I saw?! I love wine and I always recycled my wine bottles. Why don't I used my bottle as a stand? Here is the one I use.

You may put some stones or coins inside the bottle in case you knock it off. Be careful that the top half of the bottle would get hot when you put in the soldering iron so grab the bottom bit to move it.

Step 1: Empty Your Bottle and Clean It

Clean your wine bottle and you are ready to use it. So why bother making a proper stand? You got one in your house already!!



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    Not only for 'alcohole fans', you may get a glass bottle after olive-oil, nice and green (usually) btw ;)). However - the heat can affect the glass, ouch!

    Wine bottles are easily stressed and cracked with heat... Just be careful.

    I did this with a glass milk bottle and it eventually cracked from the heat. Be careful.

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    i was wondering that very same thing.  seems like the glass has too much of a potential to crack or shatter from the heat. doesn't seem safe, unfortunately :(

    Short, and straight to the point, good for an alcoholic, although I wouldn't recommend using a soldering iron under the influence of alcohol. At least you use a Mac APPLE ROCKS