Epic Cardboard Shelf! (Just Photos)

Intro: Epic Cardboard Shelf! (Just Photos)

This a cardboard shelf I made. The design was inspired by Leo Kempf's design, found here:



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    Hello, i just finished my Epic Cardboard Shelf and I find it very cool. Although, mine is not just a shelf. As you can see in the below pictures is that the peg on the far left can be removed. That peg acts as a lock for the secret compartment on the inside. The mint strips on top are hot glued down and act as a handle to lift up the door. After opening this, you can hide whatever you desire inside. I chose to throw G-Dub in there for this demonstration. ; ) Thanks for the instructable, i really enjoyed myself doing it and made a huge mess. But it was well worth it. If you make more instructable using cardboard. Id be happy to complete them and post my pictures once again. THANKYOU

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    Yeah, I did take photos, but I saw Instructables just photos option and I thought I'd try that out. I didn't think I had enough in depth photos, but now that I think about it, I probably do have enough for an actual Instructable. I might make one sometime. Thanks for commenting!


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    I liked it - the tone of your writing is great, and you put plenty of useful details .


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with kiteman, I was looking forward to seeing HOW you built it