Epic Duct Tape Hammock




Introduction: Epic Duct Tape Hammock

So you this is what you will need...

1. About 135 yards of duct tape ( I used 5 different colors.)
2. 40 feet of nylon rope.
3. A measuring tape. 
4. A Sharpie or pen or something to mark duct tape with.

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Step 1: Making the Strips

Get the measuring tape and measure out 7 feet and mark it out on the floor (we used a strip of duct tape as a marker) Strech out the duct tape nto a 7 foot strip then lay it on the ground, sticky side up. Then make another  one and very carefully lay it sticky side down onto the 1st strip. Make  13 of these. Then measure out 4 feet and mark it. Then do the exact same thing as i just explained but only 4 feet long strips. Make 33 of these. (sorry there are no pictures for this step, we lost the camera that we had them on.....)

Step 2: Taping the Strips Together

So first you get one of the 4 foot strips and mark every 2 inches with the sharpie! Then you get the long 7 foot strips and tape them on every 2 inches, rotating from being on the top to being on the bottom. 

Step 3: Start Weaving

get all the nice 4 foot long strips and weave them (2 inches apart) in between all the 7 foot long strips, Then tape the ends.

Step 4: The End Half Strips

So get 9 of the 4 foot strips and rip them in half (LENGTHWISE!) This is were the nylon rope comes in!  Make a little loop out of the tape and put it around the end 4 footer. tape it with the nylon rope so that the rope goes all the way down the half strip.Then tape around the rope. Get nylon rope and place it on the end four footer and put duct tape on top. then do that with all the edges.

Step 5: Cool End Step.

Tape the ends of the nylon/duct tape half strips together however you want it to be... Make a loop with nylon and duct tape it securely AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get in it at your own risk..

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    How weight can it take