Epic Makey Makey Controller

In this intractable i will show you how to make a pick up and play makey makey controller out of a old jewelry box and a (optional) USB drive.

Step 1: Finding and Cutting a Box

I think that jewelry boxes work best but it just hast to be able to fit your hands. When making the tin strip on the side of the LID i made it out of double stick tape and tin foil, it works best if you use metal/copper tape but tin works good. Connect the wire to the tape how you like it docent mater as long as it can make a connection, mine just stuck between some leftover tin foil

Step 2: Fun Extra Stuff

The makey makey has a led in the back that can light up the buttons at night, it works well.

here are some games i recommend playing (for all ages):

world hardest game

60 second burger run

jonny up grade



flip dojo

jelly escape


rolling herorolling hero2rolling hero3



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    forgot to say to look at the pictures they have instructions in them