Epic Tank Girl Cosplay/Photo Shoot


Introduction: Epic Tank Girl Cosplay/Photo Shoot


This cosplay was done a couple years ago. I made most of the pieces, except the pants worn by Jet Girl, Richard and Booga. The Bullseye tees worn by Tank Girl & Booga were made by my daughter (Tank Girl) in her screen printing class. The coon skin cap worn my Jet Girl was a souvenir from my older daughter (Jet Girl) from ND. I made her jacket out of different pairs of pants that I painted and distressed. Her friend molded the Jet pins from fimo clay. Her tee was also made by her sis in screen printing. Tank Girl's costume was really time consuming, but fun. I made the vest out of pieces of olive drab pants, ordered all the patches online and made the skull patches from Halloween decorations glued to a black back ground. I used 99 cent store straps w/ buckles to close and decorate the vest. The red shorts were cut offs, with bedazzled decorations. The 'chaps' were made from some high waisted pants that I cut the crotch and inseam to just above the knee. I cut open the side seams and using pieces of nylon I'd gathered from thrift shop wind breakers and exercise wear patch worked the strips down the outside of the legs. I added lacing grommets in the front and back.  The gloves were leather that we painted and distressed, adding the circle and star. She's wearing her own Army boots, tights and a military bag on a belt. We used a plain black dog collar and added the stones to it. She drew the designs on her arms and hands and she finally cut & bleached her hair to go the full on accurate Tank Girl look! My daughter (Jet) and her hubby (Richard), made the spider web tee based on my instructions from making one over 10 years ago for my son (one of my first attempts at copying costumes from movies). It was fun and the pix turned out great (older daughter, Jet Girl is a photographer and set up the shots). *oh yeah, Booga's face was made with a latex 'vamp' appliance and make up. His hands were tape & paint. Way too much fun, especially the shots of the girls IN the tank, it was the actual one they had an open side to for filming! Tank World in El Monte, Ca.



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    Forgot to add that her helmet was made from a real military helmet LINER, much lighter. We attached yellow faux fur and painted it with an orange/red paint to distress it. We sewed a couple of straps on and added the green hair strips. And these were the tanks that were actually used in the movie "Tank Girl"!