Epidemic 5.56 Instructions

About: I used to build with K'nex. Now I am in the process of joining the United States Army as an 11x.

Pull pin back. Pull trigger. Let go of handle. Pull back the pin. Pull trigger. Repeat until magazine is empty. Gets old pretty fast, huh? With my clever little charging handle, you can hold the handle with one hand and pump the handle back with great speed and fire. ROF is insane compared to most simple pin guns. Nothing like blasting though a entire magazine in a few seconds. With this the removable magazine, this is a great close quarter combat weapon. It is more accurate then a rod shooter, but that does come at the cost of the lower availability of rod ammo. So, lets get to the pros and cons. PLEASE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE.

Just a FYI, this is NOT a bolt action.


Looks sick, as some would say.

60 foot range.

Great ROF.

Charging handle. (A lot like Zaks, so credit to him, I guess.)



Fun to shoot.

Good mag capacity.

Removable mag that locks into the gun.

Nice handle. (Thanks Dunkis!)

Sturdy. (Sorta)

Not many blue rods sticking out.

Smooth trigger.

Slick action.

Interesting sights.


Small possibility of the rounds not feeding if the mag pusher is banded.

Nothing really new.

Handle may be a bit small for some folks.

Dry fire with more then one band is not a good idea.

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Step 1: Part List

The pictures are of my corgi!

Green rods: 324

White rods: 84

Blue rods: 8

Red rods: 3

Black rods: 2

Yellow connectors: 107

Green connectors; 20

Red connectors: 46

Grey connectors: 9

Orange connectors: 21

White connectors: 14

Blue connectors: 6

Black wheels: 2

Tan clips: 7

Blue clips: 3

Full hinge: 1

Black hinge halves (Should be grey connectors): 2

Blue hinge half (Should be grey connector): 1

Blue spacers: 12

Sliver spacer: 1

Y clips: 10

Female socket joints: 2

Grey clips: 14

Grey gears: 2

Cut white rods: 6 :p

#64 bands: 5

#117 band: 1

Step 2: Build a Body Workshop

Enjoy the cool pictures of plastic and plywood!

Just follow the image notes and have fun.

Step 3: Handle

The handy handle. :p

Step 4: Magazine and Bands and Finishing Up.

So add all this stuff.

To use, load the magazine with grey clips + green rods. Put the band on the magazine pusher, and pull the charging handle back. Push the handle back to the starting position and pull the trigger. Repeat, and have fun with Epidemic!

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    4 years ago

    Well, I'll start off my saying good job! I was completely sold this was a bolt action until I read the intro, however this doesen't lower the guns value to me. This is because I've done the same thing before with my Competitor AR. Needless I'm still very pleased how this looks and I'll add this to my build list as well.
    Overall, awesome as always, I'm enjoying your high quality, regular builds and am always looking forward to seeing more.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much! It doesn't really need to be bolt action since it shoots connectors.

    I am thinking of putting a slideshow/video of a single shot version of this and then leaving this particular platform before people get sick of it. Fun fact: The single shot started off as a shell ejecting magazine fed rifle. I found that though the shell eject part I could load a rod, and the mag pusher would hold it in place. So I modded away. :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    I believe you are a tad confused about my dog. (For future reference, his name is Spock.) He is not trained to do those poses, he just did them his own. He can lie down on command, sit, shake, etc. When I tell him to lie down, he only lies down about 3/4's of the way so I ended up teaching him a new command: "Elbows down."

    The little critter has learned some things be himself, like the meaning "time to get off" and "let's go home."
    His favorite? "Dinner time!" He scampers over to his food dish and lies down until I say "Ok." And he can eat. :)

    Thank you for the second part if your comment. As for you not having knex anymore, I guess there is always a time to put the old plastic away.

    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    Cool, I really like this background better than the snow. The snow would look good with colorful guns but a dark grey does not look good with white. I wish I still had my dog.