Epilog Based Low Start Up Costs Loose Business Plan.



Introduction: Epilog Based Low Start Up Costs Loose Business Plan.

What dose:
A Saturday Market
A Day Care 
and A Sunday School 
all have in common?

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Step 1:

Answer: Kids

Kids love to scribble. Parents love to put their child's latest Art work on the Refrigerator. Day cares love to save money and show parents that their kid had a great time. Sunday schools are always looking for ways to (on a tight budget) both entertain kids and get their message out. And at Saturday Markets kids are always asking for things, and parents would like to just take 5 minutes to set down.

So what I'm suggesting is an inexpensive way to get a business started you provide Brass Rubbing Plates that kids scribble crayons on paper. You can either charge in person based on each sheet of paper, or lease the plates to Day cares and Sunday-schools. That's not to say that larger more complex Art images wont sell to Adults.

Books on Brass Rubbing are available at the Library. Like “Brasses and Brass Rubbing”

By Clare Gittings ISBN: 0 7137 0520

You don't need to own and Epilog laser, to get your designs done. Epilog.com will help you find someone in your area to do the lasering for you.

Designs should be free of copyright issues and mostly I stick to the Clip Art. You simply add lettering. Once you've gotten a big list, (include some Photos of local attractions.)
In my area Whales and Ferry boats are popular!

You can sometimes find the software on a 30 day trial. That's a real money saver if your just starting out.

Glue the Acrylic to an existing clipboard, add some screws from the back. And clip boards can be found at thrift stores.

Remember to connect a security cable between the clipboard and the table to keep the lasered acrylic sheets/clipboards from walking away.

Charging a small amount per sheet of paper and having lots of different patterns will provide boothers with a steady stream of cash.

Request to have your booth next to food booths and have ample chairs. Parents should never have to look away from the kids while getting snacks.

Work with food booths on a two for one special = open the purse once and get a token for the other booth. Parents will gladly pay you for paper and food, if it means their in an express line to pick up the child's snacks.

Churches and day cares will pay you by the month for the use of the tablets. One coloring book is about $6.00 retail, there about 100 pages. A ream of paper is about $4.00 and is 500 sheets. That's a lot of savings.

Customizing the Art work to the beliefs of the Church, and it will make you worth leasing from.

A legitimate amount each month can be in the form of a Tax credit from your local Church. If your working a week day job this could add up to sizable Tax deduction. If you need more Tax credit, find more Churches to lease too.

Day cares like messages that are Alphabets and things like "Brush your Teeth", "Wash your Hands"
There is an age where the child becomes the enforcer of the sign that they made. Brush your Teeth becomes everyone must brush their teeth. They don't realize that they are doing most of the work.

List of start up materials:
If your just renting to others.
Some Clip Art (find it on the Web)
Some paper. I got (2) reams for $10.00 on sale.
A bucket of crayons.
A bunch of clipboards or clipboard clips (findable at high end wood working stores including online) or use ones from the thrift store.
If your planing on attending events with a booth.
Some cables to attach the Acrylic sheets to the tables.
Barrow a canvas canopy till you can afford one. I got mine from a guy who leases them. At the end of the season he sells cheap as many as he can to keep from storing them all winter.
Some folding chairs for the parents to set in. and benches for the Kids to set at.
You probably want a sign stating that children are to attended too at all times.

Experience will teach you how much you can charge based on the type of event your at.

Good luck and have fun.

Step 2:

Larger more complicated Art projects are attractive to Adults as well.  We just focused on the lower cost smaller images.

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