Episode 3: Chocolate Milk Mixer 2.0


Introduction: Episode 3: Chocolate Milk Mixer 2.0

In this first episode, we here at stupid inventions created a device to make Chocolate Milk a little easier to make!



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    VERY cool! I love Lego! You should briefly explain what the device does before you show the mixer though... and maybe buy a tripod to keep the camera steady.. Still, very cool!

    heheheh, They sell these in stores, but still I will make this. It is a little bit different, they have a mug with a spinner underneath in the cup.

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    Glad you liked it! yeah people have been telling me about that version ever since i posted the video, but this one is cheaper (the cost of fan and spoon should total about a $1) and can be used on any cup you like. Feel free to make a video of your Chocolate Milk Mixer and make it a response to this Youtube video. And dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see when the next Stupid Invention comes out! Which should be soon once i finish my midterms... :) -Stupid Inventions