Episode 13: the Hidden Bookshelf Arcade

Have you ever wanted to own your own Arcade Cabinet, and keep it in your room without your parents/spouse/teacher knowing?

Well we here at Stupid Inventions know how you feel, which is why we have created The Hidden Bookshelf Arcade!

Behind the fake books is a fully loaded, functional arcade!
Not only that, but behind the bottom books is a DVD library with built in DVD Drive!

This fun DIY Arcade Cabinet is a must for anyone who wants to keep his video game habit a secret!



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    What I would do is get actual bindings/sides of books and glue them together, so it would look WAY more authentic than the paper covering shown in the video.

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    that was my original idea, but since my mothers a Librarian, I just didn't have the heart to de-spine old books.... anyways, the point of Stupid Inventions isnt the executions but the original idea....at least until i get better at making things, lol thanks for watching!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    agreed actally in the case of a dorm take soem of the books you want and get em spiral bound and use the covers from those

    I want this!! I want to make this,.................its amazing!!! I would so use it!!! ^_^