Episode 16: the Feather Alarm Clock

Introduction: Episode 16: the Feather Alarm Clock

Are you tired of having to wake up to that annoying Alarm Clock Buzzer every morning?
Do you wish there was a quieter and more softer way to wake up?

Well, we here at Stupid Inventions know how you feel!
Which is why we have developed the Feather Alarm Clock!

Just set the timer to the time you want to wake up, and you'll be awoken by the soft tickling of feathers on your face!

Check out the video here:

This Inventions is pretty easy to make, all you need is:
1x GoDuster Electronic Duster (Thanks Woot!)
1x Power Cable
1x Electronic Timer
1x Power Cord
and some mounting hardware (this will vary based on your bed set-up)


Step 1: Converting the Feather Duster to AC Power

There are a few Instructables on this site that explain how to do this, so I'll just explain it briefly.
In order for the feather duster to be controlled by a timer, it need to run off an AC plug and not batteries.

So basically I just stripped the positive and negative wires from an old power cord (I think it's from an old shaver) and wired it directly to the feather duster motor!

Be sure to bypass the on/off switch, so as soon as you plug it in, the feather duster starts moving!

Step 2: Mounting and Wiring the Feather Alarm Clock

This part is gonna vary based on where your bed is in the room.

I chose to mount it to the side but if your bed is to far you could mount it from the headboard or back wall.

Also mounting it will depend on what parts you have and what duster your using.
Just be sure that the duster is secured strongly to the wall because its going to be spinning pretty fast.

Once the feather duster is secured to the wall, connect the AC plug to the Electronic Timer and plug the timer into the extension cord.

Then secure the extension cord and wires so that they won't fall or disconnect, and preferably keep them as far from where you'll be sleeping as possible.

Step 3: Finishing Up

This last step is pretty easy.
Just test to make sure everything is working, and adjust the feathers so that they'll be in the right spot when you're sleeping.

That's all there is to it!
Now you'll be awoken every morning by a slight tickle!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the rest of my Stupid Inventions. :)


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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I used a motor inside a soda bottle, instead of the feather. It sounds like wind chimes!


    This is so amazing! Just this morning, I said to my husband..."husband dear, this horrid alarm clock buzzer is going to give us both a heart attack!" Husband replied "lets go to Stupid Inventions! They'll know what to do!" As always....you have a solution! ;0) ;0)