Episode 17: the Umbrella Light

Don't you hate walking in the rain at night?
Not being able to see where you're going, or what your umbrella might bump into?

Well fear no more with the new Umbrella Light from Stupid Inventions!

This umbrella allows you to see in the dark, keeping you safe... and dry!

Let me answer this question before I get a thousand comments about it.
This was meant as a prototype just to prove the concept.

I realize that it would be dangerous to use a power cord, ideally it would be battery powered.
They do make battery powered lights, but the stores only carry them during x-mas time, and I wasnt going to wait that long.... so please just pretend its battery powered... thanks!



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    Umm Can you help me?I have a school project to make an invention and we HAVE to do it cause its part of our grade,i was hoping i could get some help from you?

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you look "American Invention" (or so) on TV, you can find things as theses, but SERIOUSLY PRESENTED!

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    no problem, thanks for commenting! i was a little lazy with this video so i didnt make a detailed instructable, but Its really just a string of xmas lights strung in between the different arms of the umbrella and then duct taped to the ends to keep them in place... hope that helps! if you want i can try to find and post some of the pictures i took