Episode 20: the Shoe Shovel





Introduction: Episode 20: the Shoe Shovel

Having a pet is great, but cleaning up after them, now thats a different story.
Using gloves is ok, but it can leave a huge mess! And why should you have to carry around heavy, expensive equipment?

So introducing The Shoe Shovel from Stupid Inventions
The shoe shovels makes pet cleanup a breeze, just scoop the mess up with your foot, and then throw it away, its that simple!

So there you have it, The Shoe Shovel

*It was just chocolate!



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    You know inventions that work, but don't work? They're called Chindogu. In order to make sure you have a chindogu, your invention has to do the following:
    1.has to make lives more convienient in some way,but make lives more inconvienient in another.
    2.appears useful, but on the other hand isn't.
    3.Is a gadget
    4.not be for real use.
    5.must work
    6.be a tool for every day life
    7.not be for sale
    8.not be propaganda
    9.not be taboo
    10.be without prejudice
    I think that's exactly what you just made

    This came from a book i have, called 99 more (un)useless japanese inventions. It's by Kenji Kawakami,The Founder and President on the International Chindogu society. Copyright Kenji Kawakami and Dan Papia 1997

    Ps, i wrote that so i won't get sued
    Pss, "It's just chocolate!" (licks finger) (video ends) PTTTTTT(Spits it out!)

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    I actually have the book that combines the two chindogu books:

    I love chingodu, thanks for watching!


    I have the problem that it seems that all dogs of Villa Elisa come to the lawn of my lane when they have to poop. Your invention is one of the creations of the 21st century!

    I suggest you the following: put captions in the videos. So, we non-anglophone can read it and know what it is. I can understand almost 100% of written English, but about 0.3% of spoken English.

    100% - 0.3% = 99.7%. That is the difference, can you see it?

    Thanks for being.

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    Glad you enjoyed this invention! I will look into putting captions, but I currently have no idea how to do that. I think you can tell what the invention is in most of the videos without the words, but I'll definitely look into it.... Thanks for watching and commenting!

    Seems like a better idea for digging...... Interesting, I never thought of that... One on each shoe, stick the nose of your foot toward the ground, and put weight on it. Just make sure you don't hurt your ankles doing so!

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    Well of course! I'd probably use a strap or screws to somehow attach it to the shoes.... But imagine putting on your shoe shovels, and having the screws impale your feet! Ouch! Maybe the strap would be a better option.