Episode 22: Roasted Marshmallow Shooter

Are you sick and tired of shooting plain old marshmallows with your Marshmallow Shooter?

Do you wish you had a fun, easy, and not so safe way of making smores?

Well then Stupid Inventions has got the product for you!

Introducing the Roasted Marshmallow Shooter! Just light the disposable nozzle and you're ready to shoot roasted flaming marshmallows anywhere you want!

Warning, don't try this at home. :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Coiled nichrome wire (found in bread toasters) might be able to roast them while they sit in the tube.... But if they become too gooey, they won't shoot well... If only there was a way to make one catch on fire before being shot, roasting it, and then the air (hopefully) snuffing the fire on the flaming marshmallow from hell. Mmmmmmmmmm. S 'Mores!

    3 replies

    I like the way you think! but yeah it would get too gooey, and probably melt the plastic... is there some sore of flammable liquid we can douse the marshmallows in? it would have to be edible and not have a taste... maybe some kind of oil? hmmmm....

    Vegetable oil, or olive oil..... Those are the only edible oils that I can think of..... But I don't know about oil on marshmallows....... But perhaps a butane torch right outside the barrel could light them. But nichrome wire can be used in many applications, and roasting marshmallows with it would work great. Just not for a shooter... Perhaps maybe a container that they sit in, or something..... Also, thermo-electric circuits use peltier units and electricity to heat (and cool) many things from computer processors, to electric coolers. You could make a refrigerator/oven using one of these units, and do all kinds of things with it! Keep up the inventing!

    yeah but those oils would greatly affect the taste...so scratch that... hmmm, maybe melt the marshmallows with the nichrome wire and the shoot that in like a catapult or a sling shot? thanks! im actually studying to be an Electrical Engineer, so i hope to make more and more complex inventions as I get better at it...