Episode 24: the Moving Eyes Portrait

Introduction: Episode 24: the Moving Eyes Portrait

No Haunted House is complete without a painting with moving eyes!

And since most people don't have secret passageways in their home, we decided to make a cheap version with the Moving Eyes Portrait!

See it in action, then try making your own!

All you need is:
1x Shadow Box
1x Picture (should be the size of the window in the shadow box, with easy to cut out eyes)
1x Old Analog Click
1x Paper circle of printed pupils (download ours at our website: http://www.stupidinventor.com/?p=103)
Duct Tape

The songs used in this video were taken from this Royalty Free Music Site: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-fr... and is under a Creative Commons License.

Step 1: Preparing the Picture and the Eyes

The first part is easy, just cut the eyes out of whatever picture you're using.

We chose to use a picture of the Stupid Inventions duck, but any should work.

Once your done with that, take apart the Clock, so you should just have the main battery/motor compartment.

Remove all of the hands, and attach the second hand to paper circle with all of the pupils printed on it. (You can make your own circle or download ours at our website: http://www.stupidinventor.com/?p=103 )

After you attach the paper circle, put the second hand back on the clock and make sure its working.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

You're almost done!

Tape the picture with the eyeholes cut out and tape it to the inside of the Shadow Box cover.

Then tape the clock to the back of the shadow box. (This is probably the hardest part of the whole project, because you have to find the spot that works best, but it's not too difficult.)

Once the clock and picture are firmly in place, just close the Shadow Box and viola!
You'll have one creepy/funny looking painting that is sure to spark some conversation!

Hope you enjoyed and have a happy holiday!

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