Episode 26: the Fork Remote

On Thanksgiving Weekend, you and your extended family will fight for control over two things who gets to eat the Thanksgiving Leftovers, and who has control over the TV remote.

Never has anyone been able to take control of both until now!

Introducing the Fork Remote from Stupid Inventions. The fork remote doubles as both an eating utensil and a TV remote, allowing you to watch your favorite programs while eating the food of your choice.

So this Thanksgiving, dont come unprepared, get a Fork Remote!

Check out the new Stupid Inventor webcomic at http://www.StupidInventor.com !

I know it's a simple invention, but seriously, why doesn't this exist yet? It's awesome!




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    9 years ago on Introduction

    why not a spork? some of us like a bit of soup while watching tv. anyway it's great for poking those who want to change the channel. it's my TV dammit. hand stab!

    2 replies

    lol thanks!
    Well I think there are times when Comic Sans shouldnt be used and it is... someone said they've seen it used on a medical form and a business memo.... but for a comic, why not??!? :)
    Glad you like the comic! Much more strips to come, I love making them...

    when I was about 12 I tried learning how to skateboard... I started going but fell off, and the skateboard kept going... so I tried to jump back on it and totally flipped....landing right on my butt....
    That was it for me and skateboarding....
    Although I did buy like a mini skateboard for potential use in a stupid invention video...

    try ripstiking or longboarding, i could'nt move an inch! then a few years later i got a ripstik,learned in an hour or so and loved it till i broke it (trying to install underglow) same with longboarding,its much esier was bombing hills by the end of the day!