Episode 27: Hanukkah Special - the Auto Menorah

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For this year's Chanukah-themed Stupid Invention, we decided to try something a little riskier...
So we tried making a menorah that could light itself!

Unfortunately, we almost burnt the house down in the process!


Happy Holiday everyone, and thanks for watching Stupid Inventions this past year, we look forward to making even more Stupid Inventions in the year to come!



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    Hello Sweet Thaaaang :0) God bless you and your family-especially your mom lol ;0) I was thinking a couple of things-trim the wicks on the candles, and do you think a wider track and wider car would help it to be more stable? what about a train that you can stop and start at each candle station? could the candles be bent a little to reach the flame a little better? could you use a larget Menorah? God has truly blessed you with a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humour!  BTW I guess you know this song huh ;0)


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    Thank you!

    Yeah, I should have put more work and thought into it BEFORE lighting the match....

    Those are all good suggestions but I think i'll have to wait until next chanukah for my mom to cool off and maybe i'll try it, lol.

    The problem with the train was the candles were throwing off the train's balance, making it fall off.... I was able to fix it but by then the tablecloth was burned, lol.

    I should have also put a little lighter fluid on the candle wicks so that they would catch easier... oh well, 4/8 isn't too shabby...

    Have a Happy Chanukah!