Episode #3 Russian Borscht and Compote

Hi guys, this is Leah, and this is Lena, we just made Russian Borscht and Compote, Try them out and let us know what you think! Please leave us some love by leaving us some comments! :) This is episode # 3, there are more to come :) Don't forget to subscribe. See you next Friday for leah's grandma's cinnamon rolls and pumpkin spice hot chocolate ! YUM YUM =)


Lena's & Leah's Cooking Show
Episode # 3

Yelena Petkova
Leah Byam

Music Composers
Alex Khaskin
Peter McIssac
Mark Allaway
Serge Essiambre
Jeremy Sherman
ForteFill Studio
Ilya Kaplan
Stan Fomin

Produced by
Yelena Petkova & Leah Byam

Camera # 2
Aaron Gordon

Directed / Edited by
Brian Palmer



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