Episode #7 Zapekanka, a Russian Baked Eggplant and Meat Dish

Hi guys, this time we made Zapekanka, which is a Russian Baked Eggplant and Meat Dish. It sounds quirky (probably because we're using Egg plant...which is an uncommon ingredient) but it's absolutely finger-licking-delicious! :) Lena grew up eating a lot of eggplant in her family's Russian dishes. So...hope you enjoy this unique flavor and dish! :)


Lena's & Leah's Cooking Show
Episode #7

Yelena Petkova
Leah Byam

Music Composers
Peter McIssac
Serge Essiambre
Dan Gautreau
Mark Allaway

Produced by
Yelena Petkova & Leah Byam

Camera # 2
Aaron Gordon

Directed / Edited by
Brian Palmer

Daniel Andrews

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