Episode # 8.5 Spiced Apple Cider

Why Hello my darlings! This seasonal drink will leave your belly warm and your mind refreshed! This Spiced Apple Cider is the perfect way to get a taste a fall all in one sip. The beautiful flavors and aromas of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, oranges, and apples will delight your senses! There’s no better way than to sit on a cozy warm couch, snuggling up to your loved ones on a cold winter’s night, sipping on a warm cup of Spiced Apple Cider! Cheers!


Lena's & Leah's Cooking Show
Episode #8.5

Yelena Petkova
Leah Byam

Music Composers
Peter McIssac
Alex Khaskin

Produced by
Yelena Petkova & Leah Byam

Camera # 2
Aaron Gordon

Directed / Edited by
Brian Palmer

Daniel Andrews



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