Epoxy Finish Swamp Wood With Flickering Led & Clear Color Changing Rgb Led DIY



Introduction: Epoxy Finish Swamp Wood With Flickering Led & Clear Color Changing Rgb Led DIY

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Materials: a piece of swampwood, cardboard, rest beech board, clear epoxy resin, mini switch, dc socket, wire,

wood wax, solder, 2 red LED´s, 1 yellow flickering LED, 1 clear color changing RGB LED, piece of leather, 2 small screws, filler, glue, 15V power adapter with dc plug and LED, 580 ohm resistor,

Tools: pencil, scissor, jigsaw,abrasive paper, brush, mixing cup, tape, 4mm 5mm 10mm drill, 20mm forstner drill,

drilling machine, cloth, soldering iron, side cutter,

Start: Lay the piece of swampwood on cardboard and mark the stand. Mark a second border and cut the cardboard. Mark the shape on a piece of beech board. Cut the cardboard again and mark it again on the beech. Saw it out with a jigsaw and smooth the edges to the inner border.

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Step 1: Prepare the Base for the Elektronic

Tape the base and mark on the top where the LED´s should be. Mark the space that you need on the underside and mark on the side the place for the DC socket and the switch. Make space with a forstner drill on the underside. Drill the holes for the LED´s and the holes for the DC socket & switch. Remove the tape and polish the base with wood wax.

Step 2: The Electronic

Glue the LED´s in the base screw the switch in the base. Place the DC socket and solder the electronics as on the circuit diagram. Check if it works! Drill small holes in the base and screw it together with the swampwood. Fill the underside with filler. Find a matching piece of leather and mark the base on the underside. Cut it with a scissor and glue it on the underside.

Step 3: The Power Adapter and Finish

Open the power adapter and check with another led wich pole is plus on the original LED.Remove the original red LED and solder the new color changing clear RGB LED. Drill the LED hole in the power adapter a bit bigger. Screw the power adapter together with new screws. Check if it works. Plug the DC plug in the base, turn the switch. Check if everything is working fine and enjoy.

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