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Introduction: Epoxy Resin Steampunk Door Knobs

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I ordered some epoxy resin for a table that I was making, it was so much cheaper to buy a large bottle and now I have some left over to play around with. And making door knobs came to mind.

Step 1: Materials Needed

I had ordered some gears and watch mechanisms for Wish and when they arrive they were a bit smaller than I thought they would be, but they were perfect for this.

Step 2: Silicone Moulds

For my moulds I used silicone cup cake trays. I am hopeless at baking and cooking so it was nice to see them used after years in the cupboard. I arrange the gears in the moulds and for my second row I used unicorn Spit stain and glaze and some color pigment.

Step 3: Pour Resin

My epoxy resin is 2:1 so I used 300ml in total which was double what I needed. I had some long brass bolts with nuts on them which worked great. To hold my bolts in place I used chop sticks that I taped together with the bolts in between. It is a good idea to set that up before you start, which I did not do, so it was a mad dash to do it before the epoxy started to set. Mix resin to manufacturers instructions.

Step 4:

This is what my set up looked like in the end. The resin had lots of bubbles in it which is why it looks white. I removed them by waving a creme Brulee torch ( Another useless item in my kitchen) quickly over the surface and they all disapeared. Your resin should look like this after the bubbles are removed. I let them sit for 24 Hours and then just turned the moulds inside out to get the out.

Step 5: Remove Rough Edges

The back of mine had some fine rough edges. I used a sanding block with 320grit to remove them, the front came out perfect.

To see more uses for the doorknobs visit http://uniquecreationsbyanita.com/epoxy-resin-door-knobs/

To see more great unique creations http://uniquecreationsbyanita.com/how-to-make-a-darts-standholder/ http://uniquecreationsbyanita.com/wooden-suncatcher/ www.uniquecreationsbyanita,com

Step 6:

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    Great few days back I'm looking for this epoxy stuff.


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    These look great!


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    Thank you !