Epoxy Vs. Self-etching Primer: How to Choose

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Whether you're restoring an entire vehicle, doing rust-repair on a few spots or repairing a dent yourself where the paint has been cracked or chipped off to the metal, choosing the right primer that will adhere reliably to metal for a successful and long-lasting paint job can be a bit confusing!

Automotive forums have numerous debates between epoxy and self-etch primers, then there are thousands of products each with their own recommendations so it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Both of these direct-to-metal primers will give you successful results - if used correctly.

The route you choose depends on the condition of the metal you’re starting with, the time you have to devote to the bodywork and paint process, your budget and a bit of personal preference.

Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the best route for your project car!

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