Eraser Surgery

Erasers, or Stubbys, as I call them, are an essential part of school work (obviously) so why not make them as cool as you can? Listed here are several ways to make your erasers as cool as possible.

Materials needed:
Pencil Cap erasers
a lighter
rubber bands
paper clip

Step 1: Faces

Every Stubby needs a face. It doesn't have to be fancy; just a face. Faces can range from the simple smiley face to the face of a nerd. Remember, if you mess up, you will have to start all over, because your mistakes are permanent. Just kidding! They're erasers. If you mess up, all you have to do is rub the Stubby on a piece of paper for a while until the face is gone. Don't draw too much detail, or the lines will blend together and it will look messed up. That's why I had to edit this photo, to make the faces clearer.

Step 2: Spare Parts

Sometimes Stubbys are dismantled beyond repair. When this happens, you can "recycle" them. All you do is cut them up! They can be used to replace heads, or butts, or whatever needs repairing on a Stubby. They're sort of like organ donors, I guess.

Step 3: Caterpillars

Start by cutting off the bottom half of 4 or 5 Stubbys. The will be the body of the caterpillar. Then straigten out a paper clip and stick the Stubby butts on it. Last but not least, stick a full eraser on the end for the head. Simple, huh?

Step 4: Burning Stubbys

This is where the lighter comes in handy. Note: if you can't stand the smell of burning rubber, skip this step. Burned Stubbys can look really cool, if you do it right. Hold the Stubby over the flame of a lighter till it catches fire. Let it burn for a while, then blow it out. Quickly, before the rubber hardens, push the ashes off and take something, like a fork or spoon, and shape the melted rubber. I usually just flatten the tops down, like the picture. DO NOT touch the melted rubber with your fingers, it will burn you. I learned this the hard way. I have a lot of blonde moments. ;)

Step 5: Repairing Burned Stubbys

Oopsies. You burned a Stubby too much. As he sits atop you pencil in agony, you think "if only there was a way to fix him." Well there is! Remember those spare parts we were talking about? This is where they come in handy. First, cut off the burned part of the eraser. Then look in your collection of spare parts for a match. For example, if you burn the top part of your eraser, look for a spare part about the same size as the part you burned. Then glue it on. As simple as that. It sorta reminds me of blood transplants. You know, like how you need type A blood to go into someone who has type A blood? Like that!

Step 6: Frankenstubby

So you've finished your surgery, and you've got a whole bunch of spare parts left. If you have any matches, you are eligible to create a Frankenstubby! Just carefully glue them all together and you've got a Frankenstubby! But if you don't have corresponding pieces, then you can cut up some new ones. You'll want to line up all the Stubbys perfectly, and then mark the places where they will be cut. The picture is showing what parts to use for a Stubby, and how to divide them up.

Step 7: Pencil Charm

You can also dangle an eraser from the top of your pencil, and he'll bounce around while you write! Cool huh? Trust me, it's so much fun. Start by cutting a rubberband. Then stick a paper clip through the top of your Stubby and enlarge it by shoving a scissors through it. Then, when the hole is big enough, shove one end of the rubberband through, and tie a knot so it doesn't come out. Then tie the other end to a full rubber band. Then you can attatch it to the end of your pencil, and watch it dangle!

Step 8: Tada!

You should now have an army of hideously deformed Stubbys. Feeling proud? Oh and by the way, some of them can't erase anymore, like the Frankenstubby. But they still make any pencil bag 10x cooler. Also I'm not responsible for any finger burns!! I warned you fair and square about touching the hot eraser!! Anyway, please comment. I looooooooove comments. And don't forget to vote! :)



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