Eraser Ball (3DP) by Samuel Bernier




Introduction: Eraser Ball (3DP) by Samuel Bernier

I love the shape of these vintage erasers. When I saw a whole bag of them for only 99 cents at Office Depot, I had this idea for a little office toy. 3D printing fanatics, here is my gift to you.

123D link :
hingiverse link :

Step 1: STL Model

You will first need to download this .STL file, and send it to print.

Step 2: Find a 3D Printer

I used an UP! 3D printer and it worked very well. It took me a while to optimise it, but I'll post that in an other Instructable. 

Step 3: 3D Print

I used White ABS with normal definition. I suppose that PLA would also work fine. 

Step 4: Clean

If you used a RepRap 3D printer, you will need to remove the support plastic with tweezers or needle-noze pliers.You might also want to use sandpaper to remove the rough texture.

Step 5: What You Need

Once you have the core, get 14 eraser tips. They come in many colors, so you have the choice! 

Step 6: Shine

If you want to be fancy and have a shiny surface, you can use a little bit of acetone. Be careful because it actually melts the plastic so use a brush (real hair because synthetic ones will also melt). If you put to much acetone on the little harms, they will shrink and the tolerances will change. 

Step 7: Insert

Insert the erasers!

Step 8: Touch Up

If you DID abuse on acetone, you will need to put a little bit of glue for the assembly.

Step 9: Erase

SURPRISE! The eraser-ball erases!

Step 10: Play

It also easily becomes a distracting office game. 
Have fun!


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Tip 2 years ago

Cool! By the way not only RepRap printers you need to remove supports, it's FDM printers. RepRap is a Gcode type, and FDM is the type that melts filament layer by layer. :)


4 years ago on Step 10

This is a cute idea..maybe I'll make something like this using a styrofoam ball...


8 years ago on Introduction

I see you didn't have a comment on this one.

I'm glad to be the first : I like it a lot !!!!…