Ergonomic Duct Tape Kindle Case

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As you probably know, most cases for handheld devices aren't very comfortable to hold for a long time. This is a very comfortable DIY case.     

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

1. duct tape of your choice

2. card stock or other thick paper

3. scissors

4. Kindle or other device

Step 2: Cut Out This Shape.

Make sure that it is a little wider and longer than the Kindle.

Step 3: Wrap the Paper in Tape of Your Choice and Fold in the Corners.

Make sure to cut a slot for the charging port and on/off button.

Step 4: You Could Also Make a More Protective Case Like This One, by Having a Solid Backing.

Thanks to clintonmc for the dragon skin idea. Here is the link:



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