Ergonomic Stool Made From an Old Exercisebicycle




I wantes a stylish and compact stool to match my computer desk so I bought a exercisebicycle at a second hand store and took it apart and cut the main frame to fit my needs. A nice paintjob was needed because i dont want it to rough.

This project is dedicated to Richard a friend of mine. Thanks to Johs for borrowing me the grinder.

Things needed.

One exercicebicycle

Wrenches to unscrew all the parts of the exercisebicycle

A grinder powertool.

If you are a beginner with the grinder like me you'll need some filler to smoothen the surface out.

Paint. I used spraypaint.

Step 1: Take It Apart.

Just get of all the parts.

Make shure you keep the seat post and saddle and the screws to mount them again

Step 2: Cut the Main Frame Apart.

It was my first time using a grinder and my cuts didn't become perfect. I cut out the front part to make it a stool.

Step 3: Put the Parts Toghether and Measure.

I took the saddle and the seat post and mount it on the part of frame i was going to use. Then I knew how much out of the seat post I needed to cut away.

A good height for a 90 cm desk (where you stand or use a stool) is 70-75 cm.

Step 4: Cut the Seat Post

So that the seatpost becomes the desired length. Take the mesurement from the last step and subtract the lengt you want and cut the rest away. Depending on what kind of frame you use tou will have more or less extra length to adjust the stool after your finished .

When you cut the seat post make sure to fasten it to the frame before you cut it.

Step 5: Polish and Fill the Cuts

Polish with sandpaper. Fill the uneven areas with a filler (I used plastic padding). Then polish again.

Repeat until your pleased with the result.

Step 6: Paint the First Coat

I used a red glossy red

Step 7: Paint the Second Layer.

For this I used an curtain mostly seen at eldercare centers and at your Grandmas house.

The second coat was a matte gray spraypaint. You wrap the curtain one layer around the tube and then spray one fast coat 20 cm away. It becomes a bit abstract retro kitch pattern.

Step 8: Put It All Toghether and You Have Your Stool

Good luck!



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    9 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I did a similar seat a while back.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    What are the black "stoppers" on the bottom made of? Are they rubber peices? Part of the bike you bought or fromsomething else? This is a neat project!

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    does this not give you a very limited angle of use? i mean, if you tilt it too much, won't the legs slide out from under you (and even moreso if you have a slippy surface)? or do the rubber pads really hold it tight?


    12 years ago

    The idea behind the ergonomics is that it is freely moving. You could make another more stable/heavy foot for it but in generally it is made so that you have to sit with a straight back and that you tilt forwards and backwards on the non-stable stool. It's not the comfy office-chair but it's really good for your back.


    12 years ago

    if you wanted you could use an old unicycle frame that you can get cheap at a garage sale or ebay


    12 years ago

    it doesent you have to hold it up (i think) but you could add wheights or somthing to keep it flat


    12 years ago

    I wouldn't call a bike seat ergonomic exactly... but cool idea nonetheless