Escape From Alcatraz: a How to

Introduction: Escape From Alcatraz: a How to

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The world is a crazy place nowadays, and you never know what mother earth has up her sleeve. So, if you happen to one day find yourself wrongfully imprisoned in the infamous, Alcatraz prison, this Instructables is going to help you break yourself free.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Below I will provide a list of the materials necessary to make the tools for flying the coop, and a *general* guideline of where they can be sourced in a tightly regulated correctional facility. Being that you are under constant observation it will be very difficult to get the resources that you need, but no one said that it will be a cakewalk. it's going to be hard, you are going to be the first person to escape Alcatraz after all. You and your collective posse are fixing to make history. So if you play it right you will be on your way in as little time as a few weeks.

What you'll need:

Popular Mechanics, March 1962, Edition, Pages 135-137

Fingernail clippers- sourced from a friend

A dime- also sourced from a friend

Metal file- possibly could be stolen from workshop

Spoon- stolen from mess hall

Raincoats- stolen from guards

Fan motor- you may be able to sneak it out in an instrument case if you are real smooth

Paper machete- various newspapers and flour stolen by a friend working kitchen duty

If I forget anything I will come back and update as I notice.

Step 2: Tend to Logistics and Safety

Prison can be exceptionally difficult to cope with mentally speaking. Considering the looming threats of butt-stuff, shanks, and prison guard brutality, It is essential to maintain an air of efficacy and hopefulness. Because after all your freedom depends on it, ladies and gentlemen. So what you need is a plan, and we will cover this in steps below. so don't be worried if you haven't hatched one yet, we will do it together!

What you'll need to do in order to survive while working towards your big escape:

-Maintain physical health with this prison workout circuit.

-Diligently begin scoping out the materials I listed in the previous step

-Make your concrete chipping tool

-Try to avoid getting knifed

-Make decoys

-Assemble possie

-lastly, bust loose

Step 3: Locate the Vent Below Your Sink

This is a before and after of what your exit should look like. In the beginning, it is normal if it only looks like a vent. But with some Imagination and a little elbow grease, it will begin to look like a proper escape door. In the next step, I will show you how to make the tool for chipping out the concrete.

Step 4: Make the Chipping Tool

Let's get started!

So you will want to bend the spoon at the end until it breaks off. Considering your lack of cutting tools this is your only option. This will become the handle of your tool.

Next take apart the fingernail clippers you so diligently sourced and save the lever. This piece will become the chisel end of your chipping tool.

Then you will need to file the dime down and collect the shavings. The clipping will serve as the material which will weld the handle and the chisel tip.

Lastly, you will need to create a trashcan fire, combine your handle and spoon together with the dime powder on the joint and gently let it bond over a quick flame. If it does not work the first time, then repeat the last two steps until you have a solid bond. It should work on the first try, though.

Step 5: Create Decoys for the Escape

This is your last stop before you kick out the screen inside your vent. You are going to need a decoy, something to occupy your bed while you are gone, as to not arouse any suspicion while you and the crew make a flawless getaway to angel island.

You will use paper mache. And when you are done it should look like the picture above.

To make the mix combine water and flour in your sink. Next, dip the paper in and begin applying it to wadded paper balls to shape the head. Later you will have to source some paint and make that thing look too legit to quit.

Step 6: Raft Build and Escape

The few hours leading up to the escape you should be already working on your raft and just finishing up the build. To build the raft you will refer back to the article in popular mechanics which you will have read at this point. I won't go into the specific details because it is already covered by the magazine. But it will be like constructing multiple jackets and sewing them together in she shape of a raft.

It's the night of the break, if you are reading this, congratulations you made it! it time to drag your raft through the tunnel that you have been laboring over for a few weeks now, and get to the water before anyone becomes wise. So plant your decoys and scuttle down to the shoreline, freedom is waiting.

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